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Choose the perfect plan for your child’s future

We offer diverse options that are customized to your needs. Create a plan that fits your budget and education goals. You are guaranteed full value of tuition and your payments are protected at all times.

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Essential coverage for a well-rounded educational experience in Israel, making it an accessible starting point for families

Comprehensive coverage, combining educational excellence with cultural immersion, ensuring a richer journey for your child in Israel

Experience the pinnacle of our offerings with the Platinum Plan, designed for those seeking the utmost in prestigious education and unparalleled Jewish cultural experiences in Israel

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/ Month

Starting At


/ Month

Starting At


/ Month

University credit hours

Covers tuition and all fees

Complimentary hebrew language course

Health & Residency package

Scholarship opportunities

Optional dormitory plan

Estimated future payout




University Dormitory Plan will cover a standard dormitory room at a University in Israel. The amount covered by this plan can also be used towards dormitory housing costs at other schools all over the United States. University Dormitory Plan covers a maximum of four years.
This amount is an estimate of what we anticipate to pay for tuition and fees covered by your plan. This estimate is based on private tuition and fees in Israel today, anticipated inflation and historical usage trend. The actual benefit of the plan and the costs paid in the future may be higher or lower. However, the actual benefit will never be less than the price you pay for a plan - you cannot lose money.
How do my payment options work?

Monthly payment options allocate plan prices to monthly payments over the years up to your child’s expected high school graduation year.
The monthly payment option includes an interest fee the is determined by the year the contract was for.
If you choose the lump-sum option plan, there is no applied interest fee.

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