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Unlocking Jewish Identity: Your Journey Starts Here

Secure Your Child's Future Education and Cultural Adventures in Israel

Mother and Baby

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Affordable, Flexible, United

Experience the ease of saving for educational adventures. Lock in program prices, choose flexible payment options, and explore the vast possibilities our platform offers. Your journey, your way.

Risk free

The plan will absorb any price increases, ensuring coverage without additional costs.


choose from a variety of programs and payment options.


easily select from diverse Jewish educational programs, fostering a sense of community and shared cultural experiences.

Empowering Connections, Building Futures

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Help the community

For every plan purchased a students in need will receive scholarships

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Strengthen Israel

International recognition pro Israel is more important than ever. Let's help our future generation spread the word through education

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Build cultural connection

Get to know your roots. Experience Israel and Jewish values

Diverse Programs, One Platform

Explore our range of programs, including March of the Living, Masa, Gap Year, Yeshiva, and Study Abroad. We offer educational and cultural journeys tailored to shape a meaningful future for your child.


essential coverage for a well-rounded educational experience in Israel, making it an accessible starting point for families


comprehensive coverage, combining educational excellence with cultural immersion, ensuring a richer journey for your child in Israel


Experience the pinnacle of our offerings with the Platinum Plan, designed for those seeking the utmost in prestigious education and unparalleled Jewish cultural experiences in Israel

Israel Prepaid is more than a program; it's a commitment to strengthening the ties between the American Jewish community and Israel. Discover our mission, values, and the team dedicated to making transformative experiences possible...

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